Hi, my name is Leonard and I'm a qualified practicing dietitian!

I specialize in educating people the basics of nutrition and also conducting cooking classes and corporate talks. In addition, I provide individual consultation services to help you achieve your health goal!

My services

My services comprise of evidence based science and thorough studies in research to ensure you receive only the best advices!

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Corporate Health Talks

Educate your employees about healthy eating and all that it entails.

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Online Dietitic Consultation

Get personalized consultation to achieve your ideal lifestyle and nutritional goals.

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Cooking Classes & Demo

Take your cooking skills to a new height by enrolling today!

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Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.

Josh Billings

Popular Recipes

Spice up your healthy lifestyle with these all-time favorites!


Crispy Skin Salmon, Mash Potatoes, Sauteed Green beans and Mushrooms

This Valentines day, stop going out and start cooking! Not only is it impressive, its cheap and heck its healthy for you! Crispy Skin Salmon, Mash Potatoes, Sauteed Green beans and mushrooms, serve with...

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Popular Blog Posts

Explore nutrition or food based articles that will demystify certain myths or fads to help you understand your body and food better!


Is Milo Poison?

So recently, the CEO of mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani not too long ago, posted a video in conjunction with the NEW YORK TIMES article titled: In Asias Fattest Country, Nutritionists Take Money From Food Giants...

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Nutrition Gimmick Scam or Necessity

Nutrition: A Gimmick, Scam or Necessity?

When it comes to nutrition, almost every single human alive have their own opinions towards the matter and some even claim to be the content expert on the topic without any proper qualifications whatsoever...

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