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American Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs are one of my favs!
Especially the typical american fluffy versions!

Eggs are packed filled with protein, which makes you feel fuller longer!
Not to mention the yolk is also pack with vitamins and minerals!
As long as you don’t over add fat in the form of butter or oil, the calories will stay relatively low and you can definitely enjoy this on a regular basis!
Here’s how you do it!


Toast, 2 slices or 1 large slice

Eggs, 3 large eggs

Black Pepper, ¼ teaspoon

Olive oil or butter, 1 teaspoon

Salt, a pinch

Black Pepper, a pinch


Hot sauce

Spring onions

Sesame oil

Chilli oil

Tahini or sesame dressing


1) Ensure your toast are prepared before cooking the eggs.

2) In a mixing bowl, mix 3 eggs with black pepper and beat well.

Optional trick:
* To prevent the eggs from releasing too much moisture, add a teaspoon of cornstarch

3) Heat up a non-stick skill over high heat for 1 minute and add the olive oil or butter.

4) Add the eggs, and as the eggs cook, pull layers from the outer rim of the pan into the center, making layers upon layers.

5) At the point, when there’s minimal liquid on the surface of the layers, turn of the heat, fold with a spatula and transfer to your serving platter.

6) Garnish with salt & pepper and any other optional condiments.

7) Serve hot.

2 eggs + 2 toast:  approx: 325 calories (18g protein)
3 eggs + 2 toast:  approx: 390 calories (25 g protein)

Try this out and I hope you guys love it!
Stay healthy! LTD

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