Basic nutrition 101: Fruits & Vegetables


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1) They’re packed full with vitamins and minerals.

So the immediate hoo haa about fruits and veggies is the focus to micronutrients.

When it comes to nutrients, there are essentially 2 types, macro and micro.

Macro nutrients covers the big stuff like carbohydrates, proteins and fats while micronutrients, as the name implies covers the smaller detailed story of nutrition within the worlds of vitamins and minerals.

So while you may be eating your basic macro’s, if you don’t eat your veggies or fruits, you can be deficient of certain vitamins or minerals that can lead to certain health problems later on. Yes, not immediately, later on, nutrition deficient seldom manifests immediately, but tend to show only after a period of time.

2) They provide you with fibre.

Ask any dietitian about how much fibre you should take, and the golden range is gonna 25-30g a day, now if you are well aware of our (malaysian/singapore) current eating pattern, you’d know that the general population are reaching no where near the recommended amounts.

1 possible reason?

we’re not eating enough fruits and veggies! Especially veggies!

When we talk about fruits and veggies, aside from the micronutrients it provides, it also provides sufficient fibre (both soluble and insoluble) that is needed to hit our recommended daily intake for good health!

Fibre doesn’t only help with bowel movement, it also helps with heart health, diabetic management as well as weight loss management too!

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3) Some veggies are carbs, so you will need to compensate with your normal carbs.

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Oooo I eat a lot of potatoes, that mean’s I’m being health conscious rightttt?
Sure, when you compare it to refined carbs, potatoes certainly are better, but there’s a lot of semantics.

How much exactly are you eating plays a huge roll!

But more importantly, root veggies like p

otato, carrots, turnips, beets are all starch! In other words, carbs.

So be aware, when you’re eating those veggies, your general carb intake in that meal should be reduced as well!
It doesn’t matter if it’s “healthier”, if you’re eating too much carbs, it’s still not good!

4) Fruits are good, but they still are sugar containing foods.

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The same goes to fruits. You’d hear people on the street saying that fruit sugar is much better than normal sugar.

Well, sugar is still sugar, 1g still provides 4 Kcal.

When it comes to the topic of fruits, more don’t equate to “healthier”. The same analogy with root veggies, the amount is very important.

Fruits are carbs, their sugar still spike our blood sugar level and can have the same effects as regular old sucrose.

It’s just that, fruits contains sugar and a whole bunch of micronutrients which are crucial to our health, so can you imagine, if you’re drinking fruit juice, the fibre stripped off, you’re essentially drinking sugar water, not so good huh?

5) Eat half a plate of veggies if possible, along with 1 fruit with each meals.

So how much do we exactly need?
As a good reminder, always have half a plate of veggies and 1 fruits at the side.
Any veggies is good, as long as there are not starchy based vegetables.

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As for fruits, look at your palm, the volume of fruits you can put into your palm is more or less 1 serving, and you should stick to 1 serving a meal.

What to do if you wanna eat starchy veggies and more fruits? Just compensate with eating less of your normal carbs like your rice.

Remember, it’s all about balance!

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