Hard Boiled Soft Yolk Eggs

Hard Boiled Soft Yolk Eggs

Come on guys, let’s be real.
There is probably only a small handful of things that makes most people go ooolala.

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And having a gooey yolk is definitely one of them.

Here’s how you make the gooeyyyyyyyy yolk hard boiled egg 😉

Video here:


1. Eggs, as many as you like 😀


  1. Place egg(s) into a pot of boiling water and boil for 4 minutes (small), 5 minutes (medium) or 6 minutes (large).
  2. Transfer and rinse with cold water, peel and serve as wish.

Now you can just eat it on it’s own, or you can try having them maybe with…..

your favourite nasi lemak???!

or maybe your favourite Ramen!!!

Either way, they’re delicious…so try them!!
Stay cooking, LTD 🙂

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