Why I love Tofu: 5 Things to love about TOFU!

5 Things to love about TOFU!

The japanese have made numerous innovations with the simple product known as soy. From eating in on it’s own (Edamame) to fermenting it (Miso), there’s so much to love about them, at least culinarily speaking of course. But another product soy produces is none other than TOFU!
Not only is it used in Japanese culture, but in almost most asian cultures!
Aside their culinary heritage and delectable flavor and texture, this humble blob of goodness comes with a huge smack dab of nutrition and other benefits as well!

Here’s 5 things to love about TOFU!

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1) It’s full of protein!

Just like how muscle heads and gym bunnies chow down on eggs, chicken boobeh’s and all that whey protein powder for the protein content, soy or TOFU is also a high protein food!
A quarter block of tofu (will vary depending on type of tofu) will have 9g of protein! that’s the same 1/4 of a chicken breast!
Now, even though the biological value of protein in tofu is slightly lower (not really significant) compared to chicken, it’s still a good alternative to get your daily protein fixed!

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2) It also contains a good amount of fibre!

Case point 1 for tofu over meat, it also has fibre!
1 serving (about 1/2 a block) can easily contain at least 1g or more fibre! Whereas 1 serving of chicken has umm….NONE!
Now given that most people these days are not taking their recommended daily intake of fibre (25-30g/day), I’d say having tofu as your protein source for a few meals during the weeks sounds like a great idea!

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3) Dan lain-lain lagi…(and many other stuff)

Still on the case of tofu vs meat, tofu also contains a heck loads of vitamins and mineral (perhaps not much vit. B6 and B12 as compared to meats). Moreover, it contains a magica compound also known as phytoestrogens!
This magical compound has been shown in studies over and over and over again (in correct consumption) to in fact lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels! Inadvertently lowering one’s risk of cardiovascular diseases!
The studies showed that eating 25g of  soy product per day (about 1/2 block of tofu) will produce a 12.9% decrease in LDL cholesterol (Among high risk populations).
If that ain’t magical, I don’t know what is!!! :O

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4) It’s environmentally better!

Now, I’m not an advocate for the netflix series “What The Health” as it’s overly skewed to support veganism to the point it’s just horrendously bias and condescending in it’s manner of information provision. However, 1 thing that is correct about that “documentary” is probably the environmental effects of meat production.
In conventional production, a kilogram of raw beans generates about 150 grams to 300 grams of carbon-dioxide equivalents, as opposed to 2,500 grams for the equivalent quantity of edible chicken meat.
Now, this doesn’t put into account of possibly land deforestation for massive soy bean production, but you can certainly choose other legumes to get your similar soy protein in!

5) It’s cheap!

As a millenial with student debts, loans etc. I try my very best to save wherever I can without skimming out on quality as much as possible. And tofu helps a little in that sense, because I can easily save 1/3 of protein spending when I opt for tofu instead of meat!
I tend to have tofu at least 3 times a week, and that amounts up to RM 10/week sometimes, meaning RM40-50 /month which I can spend elsewhere!
Not a huge amount I know, but accumulate that in your savings for a year and you’ll be genuinely surprised and what you save up! 😉

Safe to say, tofu isn’t the one way solution to the environment or anything for that matter.
However, it certainly is a good start to be more environmentally conscious, healthy and also in my case, frugal!
Heck it’s delicious!
Stay healthy! LTD 🙂

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